Motivate yourself up to Deliver the Best

Motivation always pumps you to do your best and the most powerful motivation hacks you to increase productivity and attain greater fulfillment in life. We have picked some of the most useful tips from quality blogs and classic texts and added a few The Change nuggets.  Enjoy!

Make it FUN

You will never be motivated to do something that makes you feel sad, scared, depressed or bored.  So find a way to make the project exciting.  If you cannot, consider a way to achieve the top-line objective in a different manner, one that does not entail such drudgery!

Make a habit of visualization

One of the most powerful motivation tools which most people simply do not employ.  Set aside 5 minutes each day and practice seeing yourself achieve your loftiest goals.  This will be hard at first, but will eventually the mind will de-clutter and lead you down a much clearer path.

Get a buddy with similar goals

Can you do it alone?  Absolutely!  But, goals are easier to accomplish when you work in tandem with a partner who has synergistic objectives.  And they are out there; all you have to do is look and ask!

Cultivate patience

No matter how motivated you are, things do not always happen immediately or when you want them.  Therefore it is absolutely imperative to develop great patience, and allow your goals to manifest naturally.

Every day, commit to doing at least two things proactively

It is critical to be “moving forward” every day.  No matter what happens, make sure you are doing at least two daily actions that put you closer to your ultimate goals.  Most of us spend 99.9% of our time in reactionary mode, and this is ultra-un-motivating.


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