Evolve Yourself This Year

Do Things hat Humiliate You

It’s very important to know what the things that embarrass us and it is hard for most of us to do something that embarrasses us. Try to find your internal filters and work exactly opposite to break them. It’s simple, things you think can embarrass you will throw that shyness form you and may be you will evolve out as a new personality.

Accept the Embarrassment

If you are feeling embarrassed in a particular situation you have two ways. Either accept it or deal with it. Dealing is the best way out. In this, you make psychological efforts to overcome your internal barriers. It instills the sense of confidence and way to accept things as it comes.

Reject Boundaries

If you want to achieve something then it is a time to do something beyond your limits. Once you fly off your boundaries you tend to achieve your goals because when we come out of our comfort zones we see our goals clearly.

Tell the Truth

There are situations that can make you speak lies. But if you start speaking the truth you gain respect from the society. You become more responsible and matured because to accept faults one should have guts. This is the main problem with all of us. To hide that one lie we will have to speak thousands of lies which will be very difficult.

Start your New Life

Once you have accomplished the above goals you can easily begin a new life because you will not be the person as you are. You will turn into a more developed and a realistic person who knows the insight of life and knows how to live happily.

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Increase your Productivity to Achieve More

Everyone thinks of improving his or her productivity to be the best. We all prefer working for long hours and also during weekends to give our best. Do you think it enhances the productivity? Here are certain tips that will help you become more efficient.

Use Inbox System: When any Idea comes to mind try to jot it down in notebook of your computer. It will help you synchronize and you can also keep track over your thought process.

Prioritize: While making ‘to do’ lists try to prioritize your work. It is useful to remember to do things that need to be accomplished first. It also avoids confusions.

Plan:  Planning is important in every sphere of life. If you work as per your plan then achieving the target gets simpler. But over planning is harmful. Try to plan for a week instead of planning for a month.

Wake Up Early: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise”. The statement proves it well. Those who wake up early and sleeps well tend to have more productivity than others.

Eliminate unimportant tasks: If you really want to achieve your goal then being focused is the only way. So, start discarding that is not required. It is useless to give time to things that leads you nowhere.

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Learn to Stay Optimistic in Life

Life is simple but the urge to stand out different can make a difference. We go through various ups and downs in life. An optimistic approach towards life can help you be happy and different at the same time. Following these steps can make you more optimistic towards life and you will start facing life challenges more sportingly.

Acknowledge yourself: If you know your capabilities start acknowledging them. It will help you improve your own persona which will help you have confidence in you. It will instill optimistic thoughts in you.

Fake happiness until you feel it: what we do when we feel drowned in the morning? Nothing more than going with the flow. It is proved that a smile can fake mind through chemical reactions. So keep smiling to stay highly enthusiastic throughout.

Evaluate good: Cribbing is easy but satisfying with what you have is a tough task. If we start evaluating good things then it is easy for us to stay happy and excited for what comes in life next. It will help you stay active and energetic in life which will keep you confident.

Turn off the news: Sticking to the news might make you monotonous so switch your channel to more uplifting channels and serials. It is the best way to stay happy and optimistic in life.

Counter negatives: Do not allow negative thinking to overtake you. Stay prepared with lots of positivity to neutralize the unwanted. It is the best exercise of being positive always.

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Stress? Definitely not an Issue

Stress is the problem that everyone suffers with. It is something that has been developed over the period of time due to urbanization. Busy life schedules, eating habits, etc. are some of the major factors of stress. But it can be controlled as well. Here are certain points that will help you to manage the problems.

Get ready to face: Stress will come, it cannot be avoided. You need to accept this. But staying ready to face the problem will give you enough time to stay prepared for the consequences.

Plan: It’s simply works as a management principle. If you want to achieve something you need to plan well in advance. As an example, if the stress is due to family issues then talking can surely help you. Start talking with ‘we’ instead of ‘I’.

Avoid: taking too much of stress is always harmful. If you realize that you are going towards this direction you should quickly try to divert your mind. Start spending time with friends or your loved ones.

Disconnect: In certain situations disconnecting can be a great help. You need to shut down your computer or laptop, switch off your cell phones, turn off your television go out of the home to the nearest market walking. It will relax your mind and going out with your loved ones is undoubtedly a good option.

Do one thing at a time: Most of us try to become multi tasking. It is a time when your brain is occupied in many things at a time. It is another reason for stress. Try to avoid such situations and do one thing at a time.

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Motivate yourself up to Deliver the Best

Motivation always pumps you to do your best and the most powerful motivation hacks you to increase productivity and attain greater fulfillment in life. We have picked some of the most useful tips from quality blogs and classic texts and added a few The Change nuggets.  Enjoy!

Make it FUN

You will never be motivated to do something that makes you feel sad, scared, depressed or bored.  So find a way to make the project exciting.  If you cannot, consider a way to achieve the top-line objective in a different manner, one that does not entail such drudgery!

Make a habit of visualization

One of the most powerful motivation tools which most people simply do not employ.  Set aside 5 minutes each day and practice seeing yourself achieve your loftiest goals.  This will be hard at first, but will eventually the mind will de-clutter and lead you down a much clearer path.

Get a buddy with similar goals

Can you do it alone?  Absolutely!  But, goals are easier to accomplish when you work in tandem with a partner who has synergistic objectives.  And they are out there; all you have to do is look and ask!

Cultivate patience

No matter how motivated you are, things do not always happen immediately or when you want them.  Therefore it is absolutely imperative to develop great patience, and allow your goals to manifest naturally.

Every day, commit to doing at least two things proactively

It is critical to be “moving forward” every day.  No matter what happens, make sure you are doing at least two daily actions that put you closer to your ultimate goals.  Most of us spend 99.9% of our time in reactionary mode, and this is ultra-un-motivating.

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Develop a Captivating Personality

An attractive personality is what everyone of wish to have. Most of us start imitating people whom we admire just to become like him/ her. Not just the body language it also means clarifying our own persona in a way that we fit every environment perfectly. Here are some tips that can help you to have a pleasing and captivating personality.

Develop your own operating system: Following someone’s steps is easy but it hampers your personality as you are not you. You should have your own opinions, values and philosophy rather than absorbing it from the surroundings.

Accept others as they are: Stop being judgmental or a critique if you are. Everyone has his strengths, focus on them instead of his weakness. It will teach you to learn understand difficult people and make new friends as well.

Really hear people: If you in a habit of listening carelessly then it would be a trouble for you. Everyone in this world likes to be listened. If you take out some time to hear someone carefully it would be a benefit for you as you are making someone feel special and also you are learning something new about him.

Show people you care: In this fast moving environment we hardly get time to make someone feel special. Take out time and express your love and care to everyone. Manifest it in a way that it is important for them not for you.

Speak constructively: your way of talking shows your education, background, surroundings, etc. therefore, while speaking always use words to inspire, motivate and uplift.

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GDGWI Hauls up the Motivational Level in Students

You want to motivate yourself in doing some more fruitful work? In concentrating more on the exams that are coming up? At school, home and everywhere in between, people use motivation to get results. Motivation requires a delicate balance of communication, structure, and incentives. G.D.Goenka World Institute follows certain tactics to motivate your educational life. We are presenting you with 10tips that will help you to maximize yourself for your future.


1. Consequences – We never use threats. We make sure we make our students aware of the negative consequences of not getting results can have a big impact. This one is also big for self motivation. If you don’t get your act together, will you ever get what you want?

2. Pleasure – This is the old carrot on a stick technique. We provide pleasurable rewards to our students which creates eager and productive students.

3. Detailed instructions – If you want a specific result, give specific instructions. Students study better when they know exactly what’s expected.

4. Short and long term goals – Use both short and long term goals to guide the action process and create an overall philosophy.

5. Make it stimulating – Mix it up. We don’t ask our students to do the same boring tasks all the time. A stimulating environment creates enthusiasm and the opportunity for “big picture” thinking.

6. Deadlines – Many students are most productive right before a big deadline. They also have a hard time focusing until that deadline is looming overhead. We use this to their advantage by setting up a series of mini-deadlines building up to an end result.

7. Team Spirit – We create an environment of camaraderie. Our students work and study more effectively when they feel like part of team — they don’t want to let others down.

8. Recognize achievement – We make a point to recognize achievements one-on-one and also in group settings. People like to see that their work isn’t being ignored.

9. Create challenges – Students are happy when they’re progressing towards a goal. Give them the opportunity to face new and difficult problems and they’ll be more enthusiastic.

10. Let people be creative – Don’t expect everyone to do things in a conventional way. Allowing people to be creative creates a more optimistic environment and can lead to awesome new ideas.

We use these key points and increase the motivation level of our student.

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Failure : A Detour to Success

“Failure is, in a sense the highway to success, inasmuch as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly what is true.”
-John Keats

Success is a habit so also is failure. We feel terrible at the sound of the word ‘failure.’ Failure is an experience; for us to make good use of the experience we need to learn from the experience. If we are courageous and confident in our success journey we need to welcome failure and learn the lesson from it. Successful people fail forward. What does it mean? They work on the premise that there is no failure but feedback. They take failure as a feedback to a process that has been flawed. In other to make progress they analyze the situation and use the feedback as basis for further experience.

Below is a summary of different themes that can be applied in any experience of failure so that the student can benefit from the experience.

• See failure as an experience
• Analyze the experience
• Find the lesson they taught
• It’s possible that the time invested to study failure could lead to success. This possible by applying the feedback as information for further practice
• Mastering the art of dealing with failure could become the basis of converting defeat as a stepping stone for opportunity

If you accept your failures then only you can become successful in life. Leap ahead to achieve your goals despite the fact that you have failed, just remember you have the experience and can do much better.

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Expert Professors – Instilling Professionalism in Students

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward.

Proficient Professors of GD Goenka World Institute

Teachers are those who help in guiding right path to students. They spread education without a wish to get something in return. Most of the students rely on their teachers to get right advice during their academic as well as professional life. Hence, teachers should be the master of their field. Their pedagogy helps students to get what they desire from their professional life. Professors of a management college should hold good experience and proficiency. Their understanding of the corporate world is used by students to gain knowledge. In addition, they also help students to enhance their individuality. Besides academics professors of business schools instills winning attitude in students.

Professors play a major role in making one’s career more rewarding. At GD Goenka World Institute, students get to learn a lot with highly skilled and professional teachers. They help them to gain hands on execution of responsibilities on actual ground. In this highly competitive corporate world thinking ahead of others is extremely necessary. Professors of GDGWI are creative thinkers, they facilitate out of the box thinking in students. This helps students to come up with new solution to a problem every time. They focus on ‘learning by doing’ which is a unique method of teaching. This is a way through which students tend to practically conceptualize their theoretical classes. In addition to this, teachers also instill leadership qualities in students during their course term. Faculty of GDGWI knows well how to make students ready to accept challenges of corporate world.

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Instilling a Flavor of Corporate Learning

In this highly competitive era, globalization has changed learning modules. It has entirely shifted thinking process of students as well as that of employers. Be it in the field of Information Technology, Finance or Education, every sector is enjoying incredible expansion as a result of a stupendous global connection. Educational institutes are now adopting practical educational modules and study techniques to enhance the quality of learning. It instills practical thinking in students as they start conceptualizing their theoretical sessions. Looking at the growth and application of professionalism in the corporate world, numerous colleges and schools are focusing over practice-based teaching to help students to leapfrog the overall global competition.

Young aspiring students are exposed to this learning module where they experience corporate working by being its part. Students visit organizations and learn their working techniques. Also, they work over various projects and other sessions which enhance students’ insight about the working culture of the respective domain. These institutes instill such abilities in students that they become good decision makers and prove themselves as a successful global employee. At GD Goenka World Institute (GDGWI), the emphasis remains on the same methodology where students learn through self practicing which helps them to have a honed personality.

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We all are Warriors

To sustain life, one needs to fight, and the warrior within you awakes... isn’t it?

The battle of life starts from the day we are born, Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest contemplation, revolves around us and we can see it growing every day, Every step or phase of our life, positive or negative, feeds the warrior within, to celebrates the victory and muron the death. We all are born with the spirit of adaptation. It is not only vital for the growth of the civilization, but in factual terms it is needed for an individual’s growth as well. Our warrior Traits has ability to stand against things, which are fear to heart in existence of courage. In that scenario, where people get alone, the warrior stands rigid and proves himself right at every test of life when needed. He follows simple steps:

Truth against lies: The only way of living life with perfection is to follow the path of truth. This path is very hard to follow but it pays at the end. One who starts anything on the basis of lies tend to fall nowhere.

Justice against injustice: Good and bad are two faces of a coin. They are undoubtedly interlinked but finding the right way that leads you to good is what brings a change.

Love against fear: One who is filled with positivity has no fear in heart. It is said that god loves the he who is altruist. One who takes everyone at same level and never discriminates.

Every one of us has a warrior within. He stays in us and remains unawake but it never lets you lose any battle that you fight for yourself. He gives you the power to stand stiff in the most difficult situations. In life you we encounter a thousand problems he is the one who give us the path to follow that take us to success. What all we need to do is, ‘wake him up forever’.

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Hard-work Another Tough Word?

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.

- Oprah Winfrey

The word hard work is that which challenges you. And why is challenge important? Why not just do what’s easiest?

Most people will do what’s easiest and avoid hard work — and that’s precisely why you should do the opposite. The superficial opportunities of life will be attacked by hordes of people seeking what’s easy. The much tougher challenges will usually see a lot less competition and a lot more opportunity. Hard work goes hand-in-hand with acceptance. One of the things you must accept is those areas of your life that won’t succumb to anything less than hard work. Perhaps you’ve had no luck finding a fulfilling relationship. Maybe the only way it’s going to happen is if you accept you’re going to have to do what you’ve been avoiding. Perhaps you want to lose weight. Maybe it’s time to accept that the path to your goal requires disciplined diet and exercise (both hard work). Perhaps you want to increase your income. Maybe you should accept that the only way it will happen is with a lot of hard work. Your life will reach a whole new level when you stop avoiding and fearing hard work and simply surrender to it. Make it your ally instead of your enemy. It’s a potent tool to have on your side.

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Creative Thinking – Instills Perfection

Creativity is a way towards seeing from a viewpoint which is simple, yet different. This thinking works best when problems are clearly defined. This innovativeness inculcates the ability to generate a range of solutions, from which we select the best. Being creative is a state which is achieved with the help of a cohesive relationship between innovator, leader, team members and the management guidance.

Creativity is a path which enables a person to create something which did not exist before, either as a product, a process or a thought. This path is achieved with hard work and determination to learn and unlearn the facts of life. In this competitive world, everybody is creative because we are constantly changing from emotional and behavioral perspective. Creativity simply doesn’t mean simply developing something new to the world; it is more to do with developing something new to ourselves.

From societal or professional perspective creativity can be used to make products, processes and services better and it can be used to create them in the first place. Creative thinkers help organizations and customers become happier through improvements in your quality and quantity of output.

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Professional Approach – Essence of Success

In a student’s life thinking professionally is very important. Those students who have professional attitude tend to grow faster. It helps them to take things realistically which is the essence of powerful managerial skills. Not just in students’ life but also in professional life this approach has a lot to add-on in future. We all admire someone. The only reason why we do it is because they are successful in life. And their success story states their focus for their goals which made the path simpler and exuberant for them. One who has professional approach towards life tends to develop a habit of staying focused and achieve the targets as and when created.

GD Goenka World Institute (GDGWI) strives to nurture the professional in you. The teaching methodology followed here is designed in a way so that students can develop professional attitude. Professors of GDGWI conduct various sessions that are helpful to instill this trait in students. Seminars, training sessions, industrial visits, guest lecturers etc, are conducted on regular basis to give student the broad outlook of the execution of work on actual grounds. Students who follow this approach in life tend to become more practical and focused for their goals in life.

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Practicing Community Service in an Efficient Manner

The renowned GD Goenka group has been established with a prime focus on imparting quality education to the capable youth of India and abroad. The group has successfully built vast campuses that boast of providing the highest standards of international education. These global institutes are run by a skilled and qualified administrative body that strives to foster holistic learning and promote value-based growth to nurture competent professionals of tomorrow. The GD Goenka World Institute is an educational institution of repute that offers unmatched learning standards and an outstanding infrastructure that supports a holistic and global study experience. Moreover, the institute’s association with the reputed Lancaster University offers an excellent platform for imparting world class education and global exposure.

The GD Goenka group is also committed towards inculcating exemplary personal values and encouraging all round success of inquisitive students who seek professional growth in the competitive global market. With an aim to graduate socially responsible and distinguished individuals, the CSR society at GDGWI endeavors to take up initiatives that motivate students and help them become ‘managers with a difference’. The CSR society has undertaken various initiatives to serve community practices. The areas of service include Women Empowerment, Health Awareness, and Care for Senior Citizens etc. The idea behind involving students and exposing them to social issues of concern is to help them develop into empathetic leaders of tomorrow.

The society will soon organize the annual Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Red Cross Society. This camp witnessed enthusiastic participation last year from students who volunteered for the donation. The contribution this year is expected to be even more.

We invite you all to be a part of this social initiative and do your bit to save your people.

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