Time Management – Stepping Stone to Your Career

Time management the vital factor for every university student! In University you face more tests, more freedom, more career challenges and also more achievements and for all of this you must know how to manage your time, your goals in the right matured way. So what are the goals that you should set for a perfect outcome while managing time?

If you have no idea what it is you are supposed to accomplish all the time in the world will not be long enough to get it done, Nor is there any way of telling whether you have done it or not. To be useful, goals need to be smart. However, for goals to attain achievable standards, it must have the following features which will actually help you to be more affirmative on how well you are managing your time to make your career a success.

Your goals must be:

- Specific

- Measurable

- Attainable

- Realistic

- Time bounded

You must make written action plans that set out how you intend to achieve your goals. Priorities must be set too, You can set priorities from your plan. You do this by deciding which tasks are the most important, what is the most valuable use of your time at that very moment? There is also another form that is needed for you to be well time equipped. That is Focus. Handle one thing at a time and see it to a conclusive end where possible. Do not put off large, difficult or unpleasant tasks simply because they are large, difficult or unpleasant.

The last one is to act on them immediately. Create a definite plan for coming back to the item, get it on your schedule, timetable or to do list. Chalk it out in a proper manner and make your career flow in the correct path.


Sital Chouhan said...

Every individual in this contemporary world looks out for the proper organized lifestyle and the one and only need that is the key feature of the organized life style is the time management. There is nothing wrong is saying that life is surrounded with many hurdles and distraction. The one who has learned to jump ahead of that and maintain a proper time frame heads up towards the proper future aspects. Practically it is not possible to manage and streamline the time in order to focus on the segment but yes the usage or deployment of the hours tracker tool would some what gives out the relevant aspects of the platform to work and heads up in the path followed up there with.

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