Failure : A Detour to Success

“Failure is, in a sense the highway to success, inasmuch as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly what is true.”
-John Keats

Success is a habit so also is failure. We feel terrible at the sound of the word ‘failure.’ Failure is an experience; for us to make good use of the experience we need to learn from the experience. If we are courageous and confident in our success journey we need to welcome failure and learn the lesson from it. Successful people fail forward. What does it mean? They work on the premise that there is no failure but feedback. They take failure as a feedback to a process that has been flawed. In other to make progress they analyze the situation and use the feedback as basis for further experience.

Below is a summary of different themes that can be applied in any experience of failure so that the student can benefit from the experience.

• See failure as an experience
• Analyze the experience
• Find the lesson they taught
• It’s possible that the time invested to study failure could lead to success. This possible by applying the feedback as information for further practice
• Mastering the art of dealing with failure could become the basis of converting defeat as a stepping stone for opportunity

If you accept your failures then only you can become successful in life. Leap ahead to achieve your goals despite the fact that you have failed, just remember you have the experience and can do much better.


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